Ace Your WAEC Exams This Season Using These Revision Tips
  • In terms of Revision, a lot of students seem to have it wrong the same. Revising looks like a simple idea for most students, but there are plenty of revision traps that are simple to fall under, e.g believing that highlighting a page is equivalent to understanding it, or revising in one particular topic or subject without visiting others.

    Revision in its literal term is usually to re-read work done previously to increase one's information about a subject, typically to make to have an examination. While revising, you only have to refresh your memory, as an alternative to re-learn what you already studied so desperately for. In the following paragraphs, I will be revealing the important revision ideas to help you ace your WAEC Exam this year.


    Gather your notes

    This is an essential step when thinking about revising. The design/writing within your notes isn’t the biggest thing here; it’s that the notes are incredibly thorough and comprehensive enough to make sure you obtain the essential informations that can help you succed within your waec ghana Exam.

    Summarize what you’ve read (Jotter)

    A serious reason why students might not go through their notes from beginning to end is because don’t create summaries of they’ve read. Reading using your notes might be tedious for several. An overview of your notes after looking at are only a page or two, covering the things which are most crucial so that you can know in that subject.

    The theory is basically that you being a brilliant student have formulated something is much more portable and digestible on your memory. Typically, your summary shouldn’t be understood by virtually anybody who picks it up to read through. It’s to suit your needs alone to understand.

    When you’re revising, you shouldn’t must talk about the notes nearly just as much as you make reference to your summaries. Also, the summary is a thing you are able to take with you right before an exam, and look at through it, rather than wanting to opt for important points inside an enormous textbook that you might not locate. - see complete article at