Top Five Keratin Hair Treatments
  • The plethora of hairdressing and styling products accessible in the shops today is big. This marketplace is be subject to constant developments and innovations and one of the more recent of the is using keratin in hair products. But just what is keratin?

    Keratin is usually a family of fibrous structural proteins and can be found in the outer layer of human skin plus in reptiles, birds, amphibians and mammals. Keratin will not be to become mistaken for carotene, the pigment which causes carrots orange; so don't input it on your own hair unless you're following a head of ginger locks. Listed below are 5 of the most useful keratin (not carotene!) hair products:


    1) Restorative hair infusion

    It is a protective serum that you can use to repair damaged hair. This infusion has nourishing oils in it which permeate in the hair and make a silky, shiny surface when sealed in with a flat iron.

    2) Keratin smoothing system

    This supplement helps you smooth and straighten hair. This particular keratin hair treatment offers a sheen to the hair and removes unwanted dryness and frizz.

    3) Smoothing and hydrating keratin shampoo

    Many shampoos contain damaging chemicals but keratin smoothing and hydrating shampoos are sulphate-free and paraben-free, so might be gentle but effective with your hair.

    4) Curl calming balm

    In spite of the name of this product the keratin curl calming balm enable you to decrease or boost the curliness within your locks to help you choose to have bouncy curls or smooth straight hair.

    5) Smoothing and hydrating treatment

    This treatment deeply conditions hair, detangling it and gently straightening it, while injecting it with vital moisture.

    In case you are still searching for the best products to give you a head of flowing locks, why not select a keratin hair treatment? The substance is found naturally in hair so what better ingredient for your hair product.