Hair Problems - Homeopathic Solutions
  • Hair fall, breakage and poor calibre (frizzy, dry) has developed into a major concern for every second or third adult as well as adolescent today.

    Ironically stress is a major cause of hair problems & losing hair even bigger reason for worry.

    Is a number of the medical lingo, which a person usually hears through the doctor or discovers while looking on yahoo throughout his struggle with the hair problem.


    ALOPECIA means reduction in hair from places where it has to be usually present- scalp, body.

    Diffuse loss in scalp hair, commonly observed in females- generally known as FEMALE PATTERN HAIRLOSS/ BALDNESS

    MALE PATTEREN BALDNESS / ANDROGENIC ALOPECIA are thinning hair affecting temples predominantly, then vertex. It's the most popular way of hair loss, prevalent in 30-40% young males.

    TRACTION ALOPECIA- caused resulting from undue pulling or hair - tight ponytails or hair accessories.

    ALOPECIA TOTALIS- baldness in entirety.

    ALOPECIA UNIVERSALIS- lack of scalp & body hair.

    ALOPECIA ARETA- baldness in patches.

    TELOGEN EFFLUVIUM can be a scalp disorder observed as the thinning or shedding of hair, could lead to baldness over time.

    CICATRICAL ALOPECIA- is a kind of alopecia in which there is destruction of hair follicles resulting in permanent hair thinning; there can be burning, itching, pain & redness of scalp as well as baldness.

    Hairloss, breakage & poor quality of hair could be related to a range of other causes -

    Physiological Conditions like- Pregnancy, Post delivery period, Menopause, Breastfeeding

    Scalp Infections or inflammatory conditions- Dandruff, Seborrhea Dermatitis, Psoriasis

    Nutritional Deficiencies- Iron, Vitamin D, C, A, E, B complex especially B6, Zinc, Magnesium, Selenium.

    Illness - Typhoid, Cancer, Liver Diseases

    Endocrine / Hormonal Disorders- Thyroid Gland Disorders, Renal Disorders, Pituitary Disorders, Poly cystic Ovarian Syndrome

    Drugs- Antihypertensive drugs, Corticosteroids, Oral Contraceptives, Anti- depressants, etc

    Mental Stress

    Overuse of Cosmetics/ Hair Products, Hair accessories and hair styles which may cause friction or make hair dry

    Genetic Predisposition

    Environmental factor- pollution levels, toxins in water & air


    MANAGING Thinning Hair -

    Correcting the actual condition- scalp infection, taenia capitis, hormonal illness, etc, the recovery from underlying illness mostly ensures regaining of hair. Sometimes a systemic illness could lead to severe thinning hair, that could be corrected by homeopathic medication.

    Nutrition for Hair- Proteins, Minerals, Fatty Acids. Hair, like other body tissue includes proteins as well as for synthesis & repair of a variety of micro nutrients is called for.

    Avoiding harmful agents-certain drugs, alcohol, nicotine (tobacco, smoking).

    Avoiding overuse of dyes, cosmetics, hair styling products that may damage hair roots. Consumption of chemicals on ones scalp & hair should be minimal to ensure the scalp is clean & pores can breathe.

    Hair massage to improve circulation is actually a tried -n- tested way to perk up dry hair.

    Mild shampoo's to maintain scalp clean.

    Medication- a therapy which fits the patients needs & inclinations could possibly be, conventional medicines, homeopathy, ayurveda & naturopathy Keeping levels of stress to minimum ensures a good body.

    Building strong immunity to keep infections far off.

    HOMEOPATHY FOR Baldness -

    Homeopathy assists with treating the underlying causes like hormonal Imbalances, deficiencies, scalp infections & even hereditary hair loss to avoid or decrease thinning hair & promote new rise in men & women both.

    With proper homeopathic medication, nutritional & hair care advice hair growth, quality & density show dramatic improvement.


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