The Properties And Benefits Associated With Argan Oil
  • There are many different lotions and potions available to care for your own hair and skin these days that it's difficult to select the best one. Through taking a vacation into your local drugstore, you will be greeted by row after row of shelves full of various products, all promising to work wonders and create miracles. I do think really the best way to discover which goods are perfect for you is usually to experiment and check out for yourself. One of my favourites that I've been utilizing for quite a while is now argan oil.

    Sometimes called 'liquid gold', this is a natural product, extracted from the kernels with the argan tree that is native to Morocco. It is often used being a moisturiser along with products to care for your hair. It is mainly because that the oil includes a high nutrient content and its rich in essential fatty acids, anti-oxidants and vitamin E which is certainly vital for healthy hair and skin. Additionally it is renowned for making hair soft, silky and shiny and to help make frizzy hair more manageable. Other reported primary advantages of argan oil for hair are the promotion of healthy hair growth, protection against scalp dryness and itching and the restoration of dry and damaged hair. Like a non-greasy, easily absorbed oil it is usually used like a skin moisturiser that can benefit dried-out skin particularly. Also, it is renowned for it's anti-ageing properties and quite a few advocates of argan oil have stated how it helps their skin problems for instance acne and eczema. I have used argan oil to assist in treating dried-out skin on my small elbows and knees and yes it worked perfectly for me personally and left my skin beautifully soft and smooth without irritation.


    Because of it's beneficial properties, celebrities including Angelina Jolie, Charlize Theron, Kylie Minogue, Madonna and Taylor Swift are all users of ARGAN OIL to help care for their hair and skin. It's even starting to show up in mascara formulas as it's claimed it can help to create your lashes longer plus more lustrous. My hair is very dry and also has a wiry texture (it almost is like fine fishing line) as well as the oil in it's pure form really helps to add moisture and softness to my hair. Even when you are lucky enough to have naturally soft hair, argan oil is really a nice final touch to provide extra gloss and shine.

    Although finding shampoos, conditioners, hair styling products and skincare products containing argan oil is easy, as a result of oil's rarity they come for a relatively high price. Because I discussed earlier, the oil is taken from the argan tree which can be found in southern Morocco. The traditional way of extracting the oil was to collect argan fruit, dry it, extract the nuts, crack these to reveal the kernels after which to crush these to release their oil. This process was done manually and took fifteen hours of labour and thirty two kilograms of fruit to make just one litre of oil! Today the kernels are mechanically cold pressed (heat damages the oil's chemical properties). The tree is rare, extracting the oil is labour intensive... hence our prime price. However, fortunately a little bit oil goes a considerable way.

    The scarcity from the argan tree is when the challenge lies. There are many products available now that contain argan oil or are marketed as 'argan oil' or 'Moroccan oil'. However, if you examine the label, you will discover often other ingredients (for instance silicon) in larger quantities compared to actual argan oil. Cosmetic companies really need to make an effort to ensure that the availability of argan oil is sustainable and also a superior quality, untainted by other oils or substances.

    How can you know you will get the genuine deal? In case you are purchasing a product containing argan oil - look at the ingredients. Look out for 'argania spinosa kernel oil', it ought to be high up the components list and ideally, this product should contain as few ingredients as you possibly can. The better ingredients that the oil is combined with, the less effective the oil are going to be. Should you be buying pure argan oil, ensure it is in a dark coloured bottle since the