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    Arrest records California issues to a person who has violated the law are made open to the local California Arrests residents of the state. This simply means that the residents of California can obtain a copy of an arrest record whenever they need it. This was done to open up the awareness of the people and to promote safety and security among the residents.

    California arrest records are one of the primary sources of information when conducting a background check. This is mostly done by business owners who wish to know the criminal history of their employees. By checking on the arrest records of an employee, employers would be able to determine and prevent problems from arising in the workplace. The local residents of California would also use the arrest records to check on the people they interact with daily. With this, they can worry less about their safety and the safety of their loved ones. Authorities of the state also use such document image during their investigation process.

    An arrest record simply contains information about the arrest of a certain individual. The complete name of the arrested person is indicated on the record along with other personal details such as the date of birth and address of residency. The reason for the arrest is the highlight of the document and this includes the crimes that the individual has committed. One would also know about the charges and the sentence given to the arrested individual.

    An arrest record is only made open to the public once the case has been closed and the file is no longer used in investigations. Sending a request letter to the Public Records office in California can get you the needed record easily. Going to the office to request for the document verbally can also be done but the results may not be as accurate as when it is done in writing. The file can be obtained easily if details of the arrest are known. This can be the name of the subject in question along with the birth date and place where the crime has been committed. Retrieval of the said document can be done in a minimum of 10 days up to 14 working days.

    As mentioned earlier, the office of the Public Records in California houses the arrest records of the state where one can request for the arrest record. Because of the increasing number of files and documents that the state manages, access to such documents is also increasing. To avoid delay, hassle and loss of information, the state has utilized the Internet to deliver information to the public. With this, the retrieval process improved and loss of data has been minimized.

    Public criminal records in California are available online making the search process hassle free and time saving. When the search is done online, it is not only time that you can save but also your energy and the cost since there is no need to go to any office to obtain the arrest records that you desire. There are even websites that can help look up the arrest records without a fee but the search may not be as comprehensive as that of a paid search.