Vegas Hotels Are Not The Only Source Of Entertainment In Vegas
  • The vast majority of grand canyon tours from las vegas hotels at hotels will have world-famous chefs but also offer the famous buffets which start from around $20 per head. The items on this below are well known but not traditional in the Vegas sense of the word. If you are Vegas for a few days and I strongly recommend you visit at least one of them. 

    Vegas is still the worlds party central. You can immerse yourself in the Sin city from the moment you arrive to the moment you leave. Whether you are looking for good food, fun in casinos or just to see the sights, Vegas has everything that you could ever want. 

    While many people will continue to flock to the city for the above reasons, there are some who would for something different. The Las Vegas area has plenty of sites you can enjoy that differ from the usual Strip experience. From their hotels, Las Vegas visitors could check up some of the following attractions: 

    If history and science is your thing then you should consider visiting the Nevada nuclear testing site. Way back when the area was used for testing America's atomic weapons the place contains plenty of artefacts from that era. There is also an amazing theatre where visitors can experience themselves classic clips from the nuclear testing era. 

    If you are a pinball fan then the pinball Hall is going to be a must visit for you. Inside the hall you will find the world's biggest collection of pinball machines as well as classic arcade games. It also has up to 400 different types of pinball games, including some novelty machines and classic arcade games that date as far back as the 1960s. 

    If cars interest you then this is not your typical Strip site or experience. It contains the world's largest collection of historically significant, classic and rare automobiles with over 250 of them being on display here. If you like to admire classic vehicles then this is definitely a place you should visit. 

    If you've always wanted to experience what a skydive feels like but not too keen on the idea of throwing yourself out of a plane then this could be for you. The Las Vegas indoor skydiving centre gives you the opportunity to have all the fun without any of the risk. The specially built wind tunnel inside the Vegas skydive centre means you can experience the feeling of a skydive with none of the risk. 

    If you've ever been curious about the paranormal and fancy doing something a little bit different then the city's paranormal tour is going to be for you. The tour will take you to lots of different places that were frequented by world famous mobster Bugsy Siegel as well as places frequented by Liberace and Elvis. He will also visit the mystery motel where many famous celebrities have passed away. 

    These are just a few things you can do to occupy yourself during the day in Vegas. There are semi-different places in Vegas that if you don't ask you would never hear of. It is worth taking a day out of your trip to visit at least one of these for a slightly different Vegas experience.